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Some interesting foreshadowing to me is the fact that some characters still appear to be on some sort of path back to the island in an alternate reality. Even though the Island is underwater, let us not believe the island rising is any more impossible than the island moving.

I am trying to tie together some sort of common denominator regarding the island's first move by Linus when the Oceanic Six on on the chopper with Lapidus. Because the Island essentially disappeared from the Coordinates in which Farraday had calculated. Coordinates that weren't supposed to change because they had been the ones used in the Black Rock Diary. And since the Black Rock diary, theoretically you would think that the Donkey wheel had been used during DHARMA experiments and had been controlled by the Swan.Meaning the island was in the SAME COORDINATES at that time, it was just underwater. How this time frame can go back 80 or so days and share the same common underwater location in the alternate reality is beyond me though. But the island's non-move from its coordinates has been hinted at several times with people saying that maybe it is not the island moving but merely the people moving through the island's time. Something is very odd about that subtle clue but it m! ay be huge to the entire story.

Back to the Path the people are on, Jack is still looking for his father's body, which could mean an additional flight back to Australia. Kate is still on the run, and remember, she is also charged with murder of an Australian so she may be headed back to Australia as well. Charlotte is still interested in Archeology, which she explained as a child has something to do with her childhood on the island and how she'd been looking for it her whole life. Meaning what Farraday said to her, once again didn't change anything. And Farraday did indeed talk to her because the one constant is that these people that grew up on the island, still grew up there, and then left right before the incident(Miles, Charlotte, and apparently Roger and Ben Linus). Hurley still used the numbers, will these bring him back to the island? And then of course, there is Linus, who Roger says they wish they never left the island. It seems that possibly Jack,Kate,Sun,and Sayid's influence may have encouraged! other people to leave the island that did not previously like Roger Linus. But I believe that the incident still indeed caused the Swan to be created. And I also believe that Pierre Chang stayed on the island with DHARMA and performed time experiments.

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