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Timeline split b4 1977 by JoeJoeSmoke

It is my first post, and I have a few ideas.. Could be right probably wrong.

I keep seeing therioes posts that say that time split in 1977. I think that is wrong. I don't think that in the ALT Ben was ever shot by Syaid. In fact I think the losies in this timeline never went to the island, never went back in time and never used Jug-Head. I belive that ALT timeline is a timeline when there is no Jacob, and since there is no Jacob there is no MIB. I think that Jacobs interference causes the losties to eventually come to the island and go back in time, and...well we know what happends (season 1-6). I belive that infact time splits B4 the Black Rock came, in fact i propose that the Black Rock never came, Richard never met Jacob to become immortal, and is dead in the ALT time lime because he lived n died in the 1800s and lived an average lifespan.

Why would there be no Jacob? I seen a post eariler that mentiond that on the beach at the end of season 5 both MIB and Jacob spoke with a contempary american english dielect. Which after rewatching is true. The writters, directors, and the people in chrge with continuity, seem to pay close attenshion to every detail in LOST. In the 1800's the dielect they spoke did not even exist. Think about it. Think about the various languages that are used in LOST. Korean, Japeniess, Brittish Accents, Aulstralin, Russin,scottish, Latin...they pay close attenshion to details...do you think they would have forgotten or missed something like that in 1 of the biggest sceans so far in this show. So it made me think if they speak (Jacob & MIB) then they must be from around our current time or the future. So what do I mean. I belive that becaise the losties landed on the island, and did the things they did, that 1 of the outcomes from those things is that they caused Jacob and MIB to come to! the island some way.. Not sure how..But everything seems related in this show..Maybe each flash they experianced in season 5 brought a group to the island, (black rock, roussies and company, 815, Ajiera, Henrey Gale, Yemi, The Di, Desmond, and Jacob & MIB... I know it sound far feteched right now but I just can't get over how Jacob and MIB soundlike people sound in America today.

So basically if Jacob never touches the Losties, Then they have diffrent lives that leads them to never crash on the island, The Losties never go back in time, and explode jughead (I believe that the incedent was the bomb going off mixing with the magnatism), So the hatch is never built becaise there is no radiation, desmond never comes, no des= no button to push which means the plane never crashes.

So why is the island underwater in the ALT...I think it is cause 1nce again no jacob ...No Jacob= No touching the losties= No Touch means No crash= Which means no time travel= which has two outcome...1 being no jacob...the other being no jughead explosion...No jughead explosion means that the DI continued there experiments wich eventually sank the island in 1977...

Everything goes in a circle the main timeline & the alt timeline= Hence the original name of the show Lost ( The Circle)

There are probably alot of holes in this theory so fell free to let me know what u think...

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