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Ok, so this is my first theory here on darkufo. This isn't a big theory or anything, but just an idea on how to explain all of those lists we saw in earlier seasons. You know, like when the Tallies were all being kidnapped from the Tail End section of the plane. Or like when Mikhail told Sayid, Kate, and Locke that they were all not on Jacobs list for various reasons.

Well, I think I know why. As we have now seen, most of those Losties that Mikhail referred to and the rest are obviously very important to Jacob. So, why were they not on those lists? Well, I think that was because the people that were on those earlier lists were not a part of Jacob's larger plan with the Candidates and the war with the MIB so he made those lists so the Others would kidnap the people on the lists to bring them to the Temple and keep them safe. To protect them.

The people on those earlier lists were not important to the overall endgame, so Jacob had the Others get them out of the way. Of course, with Jacob being Jacob, he didn't tell the Others what exactly they were taking these people for or why the Losties weren't on any of the lists.

So, there ya go. What do you guys think? I really think this is true, and what is going to happen a lot as we get more and more information in season 6. They won't outright explain a lot of the smaller mysteries, but we - the fans - will be able to explain them and figure them out for ourselves with some thinking.

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