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So, we got the info last night that the island is a sort of stopper preventing the man in black from getting to the world. We learned from Hurley that, if MIB/Fake Locke gets free, then "we are all going to hell." And we heard a lot of Catholic talk.

What if MIB is not an evil entity but in fact a good one... but a type of good that would lead to hell on earth for humanity? What if MIB is some kind of angel of death sent by God to punish mankind/bring about the apocalypse (a hell on earth if you will) and Jacob is some kind of pro-humanity force who is trying to convince MIB that humanity is worth another shot (but he has been disappointed so far).

I suppose in that case, it is possible that Jacob is the devil. The devil might actually want to prevent the apocalypse if he is smart (see the devil in the Constantine movie), because he would know that God wins at the end. But since so much of the show so far has been about free will vs fate (and the difficulty of seeing the difference between the 2) I'm gonna guess that Jacob is some kind of secular humanist kind of guy (note his emphasis on "progress") who is trying to prove God wrong about his own creation. His theory would run something like, if given enough time, human beings will eventually become evolved and civilized enough to run their own world and run it well.

In that case, the island is not a hell mouth but rather the entrance to heaven. If MIB gets out of heaven and onto Earth, then the apocalypse can begin. And remember, those who have achieved inner peace and moral balance on the island end up getting killed rather quickly. If my theory is right, then their trip to the afterlife would be that much shorter.

Actually, its not too far from that horrible movie, Legion, that came out not too long ago.

Problems I see with this theory: what about the white and black rocks? Why would Jacob be white in this equation?

MIB said that he used to be a human and that Jacob stole his body and his humanity. How does that fit in? Or was he simply lying about that to appeal to his various marks?

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