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Torturer Jacob by Ken Jenkins

MIB found a way to take on Locke's body or physical appearance, it stands to reason that Jacob is smart enough to figure out how to do that as well. It appears that in order to do it, MIB had to leave his own body/physical appearance behind in order to do it. MIB might say, "Small price to pay, just a vehicle to get "me" off the island." I interpret "leave his own body behind" = died. So the MIB we know is dead, Smokie Locke lives on.

Jacob is dead, or rather, his body/physical vehicle was destroyed having been stabbed and kicked to the campfire. But couldn't Jacob also "inhabit" a vacated body like MIB?

We have a candidate. Sayid died (in the ice tea pool) ... but wait ... to everyone's surprise, he didn't. So maybe that's not Sayid. Maybe Jacob is now in control of Sayid's physical body. Now there is a lot of argument that can be made against this because Sayid hasn't exactly been acting like you'd expect Jacob to act if he had taken over Sayid's body and were trying to enact some grand "come back" scheme. And he did shove the knife in Smokie Locke, but only after he had spoken (which for some reason insures that no death will occur) so maybe that doesn't count as "Jacob trying to kill MIB" which we know (according to the strange rules he can't or vice versa (a rule which also extends to Ben and Widmore, again for some currently unknown reason. The only argument I can make is that the Jacob identity is still emerging in Sayid, gaining control. Just as there are still (DON"T TELL ME WHAT I CAN'T DO) elements of the real Locke left in Smokie Locke. Another speculation might ! be that Jacob is laying back, hanging with Locke to keep and eye on him and when the time is right will fully come out to stop him from leaving the island.

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