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The War is between Two Universes by Dave

First, lets look at some basic examples of things that happen in Universe 1 and Universe 2:

In Universe 1 (U1), Dogon's child dies. In Universe 1, Juiliet's sister dies.

In Universe 2 (U2), Dogon's child lives. In Universe 2, Juiliet's sister does not have cancer.

There are two Dogon's (D1, D2) and two Juliets (J1, J2).

Based on what we know, Dogon was promised that if he listen to Jacob his kid would live but he (D1) would never see him again. Juliet(J1) was made a similiar promise about her sister.

Jacob promises that if you follow him, U2 will occur. He has the lighthouse to peer into both universes and can show J1 and D1 that he did what he promised. (the russion dude was probably video taping the mirrors).

Even though Juliet can't be with her sister, she knows she's alive. Dogon also can't be with his kid, but he knows he's alive. That is powerful motivation to follow Jacob.

Conversely, if you follow MIB, U1 will occur.

I know MIB made a promise to Sayid that he would get Nadia by following him.. but, that doesn't seem possible in either universe and based on that.. i'm just going to assume MIB is a liar (he also lied to Claire about who had his baby). Lying has occured in LOST (like real life). Lets call them 'white lies' because as he needs to lie to protect his universe. (remember, 'evil' Ben lied for Jacob)

The problem is... few people 'want' U1 to occur. They don't want to deal with their 'true' lives. People would rather a fresh start on the island.. feeling redeemed that they had the ability to change both their own lives in U1 and U2.

I also think that ultimatly, there can only be 1 universe. The two must merge.

MIB may not be evil. He killed people to protect the rest of his universe (U1).

The 'Others' are people in U1 trying to fight for U2. Most people in U1 would think Jacon evil as he is destroying their universe.

The end of season 5 showed sawyer and jack fighting.. jack wanted to reset the universe (he wanted U2), but Sawyer was happy with where he was (U1). He was happy how things played out. He was happy with U1. This fight was foreshadowing the fight between the two universes.. paraphrased 'what gives you the right to say that we should live in U1 vs. U2'. Saywer, in this situation, was correct. Jack was being selfish, he was unhappy and didn't consider other peoples lives.

The island is a gateway between universes. Crazy things happen here, to allow for course correction.

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