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It might seem obvious to some people, but here's my take on the whole 'war' coming to the island (mentioned in past episodes). MIB/Flocke/Smokey/Esau/Jacobs brother most likely, needs the candidates dead, but he can't do it himself. How better to do it than have them kill each other? This whole 'war' is staged crap just to get the candidates to basically wipe each other out on the island as he can't directly kill them. Then, he comes in, and kills the remaining others/losties. The only problem I see with the theory is that he must be banking on the fact that all the candidates die, but as of right now, all the candidates, bar sawyer, are on one (much smaller) side, opposing the smoke monster, 20 odd of the others, Sayid, Claire, Jin (maybe?) and Sawyer. It seems a very uneven battle, because it has to be, to ensure MIB gets what he wants, all the candidates dead.

Sawyer on the other hand, is probably gonna switch teams later on. I find it hard to believe, even after the Juliet thing, that he'd just go along with a dude he knows to be some weird ass ghost. Sawyer just isn't that stupid.

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