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Thoughts after tonight's episode by mkdrumhead

Wow. Tonight's episode detailing Richard's past was awesome! It really seemed like a higher level of storytelling, even for Lost. So here's a few ideas/questions I have about the show:

-The adversarial relationship between MIB and Jacob is now very obvious. This is the second time we've seen them meet, somewhat casually (no direct fear of eachother), to discuss their latest moves,and reaffirm their individual convictions to defeat eachother. It seems very much like Jacob is the "jailkeeper", and MIB the "inmate". Once Jacob was killed by Ben, MIB seemed to really leap into action, assembling a tribe and planning a bloody battle for freedom. The jail warden is dead, and no new
"candidate" has yet taken his place. This is MIB's chance to make his long-awaited move.

-Jacob may have known he was going to die. Why else would he have drawn the pool of potential replacements? He has apparently brought many,many groups to the island over the years (millenia?), seemingly for the purpose of either assisting him, or simply trying to "prove his point" to MIB. Why suddenly draw a group of potential replacements, unless you think you'll need one?

- Why the name "Cerberus"? As in "cerberus vents", or "cerberus activity", both of which appear on the blast door map,apparently refering to Smoke Monster activity. Cerberus was a creature from Greek mythology, a giant three-headed dog that guarded the gates to the Underworld. This ties in with what Jacob explained to Richard about the wine bottle and it's cork. What if the Smoke Monster is the guardian of that gateway? After all, it's been referred to as a "security system" and a "protector".

-What if the Smoke Monster and MIB are not one and the same? While they certainly seem connected, we've never seen Locke or MIB actually become the Smoke,or vice-versa. Is it possible that MIB does in fact represent the contained force of evil, but that the Smoke is more of a neutral party, with a set of rules and conditions by which to do it's job? Perhaps it is often seen around MIB because it's keeping a close eye on it's most dangerous prisoner?

_ Could the island's role as a barrier explain it's electro-magnetism? I mean, if you're creating a seal between two dimensions or realities, wouldn't that seal require something to hold it in place? We tend to think of spiritual things as just happening, but who's to say heaven and hell don't rely on science?

-One last thought, somewhat random. We've seen knives as significant objects throughout Lost. John Locke arrived on the island with a suitcase full of combat/survival knives. Why? He worked at a company that sold boxes, and even on his expected Walkabout, you wouldn't need a DOZEN or more different knives.
In the season 5 finale, Jacob is seen using a long,simple knife to prepare his surf-side fish meal. The same knife is later seen in the cabin, pinning a piece of tapestry bearing the likeness of the statue to the wall. Locke gives Ben a knife with which Ben kills Jacob. Dogen gives Sayid an ornately carved knife to kill Locke/Smoke. On the Black Rock, MIB gave Richard the same knife to kill Jacob. Why knives? Perhaps because killing with a knife is very up-close and personal. You have to feel pretty strongly to stab someone who's standing right in front of you.

That's what I've got for now. This is all pretty off-the-cuff, so feel free to stab it and kick it into the fire:)

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