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This is my first theory, please be as harsh and critical as possible. I love being tested mentally and this show is a great out-put for this.

This theory is about the Candidates of Jacob, who the "New Jacob" might be, and how it might occur. It involves things which from my perspective seem to be deductive reasoning.

Well any one of the Candidates can be Jacob.

They have to do "something" to transition to that position. It can't be Locke, he is dead.

It cannot be Sayid, he died, and has lost emotion of all kinds.

It most likely is not Hurley because he seems to be the new Richard, and will most likely help the "new Jacob" transition into the position.

It most likely will not be Sun or Jin due to their soon-to-be unison will most likely not be broken for anything.

That leaves Jack and Sawyer. Sawyer is not out of the running because he does not fully side with the MIB. I believe that through accidental occurrences, and miscommunication of plans, Sawyer will be the new Jacob and Jack will either be the new MIB or just be neutral.

There are also the other uncrossed names including 108 - Wallace. I believe that these people were potential candidates (and Jacob might have used them as future candidates if everyone from Flight 815 died [as alluded to in Ab Aeterno when Jacob said he brings people to The Island]). Since Jacob has died, and the current people on The Island seem to be of much importance, the uncrossed names are of no importance anymore.

Kate is also not one of the main people with one of The Numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) so her candidacy is of no importance.

Hurley will be of high importance throughout the rest of the season. He will ultimately help the "New Jacob" and provide information which has value of incomprehensible amount.

Since Hurley and Jack seem to be closer then Hurley and Sawyer, Hurley will attempt to help Jack. Jack being morally, mentally, and overall misguided in his faith and attempts at it, will most likely mess up or misinterpret his information. In doing so at the same time Sawyer will be hatching a plan of his own (possibly involving the death of the MIB). I believe that the MIB will die, and needs to get a Candidate. Jack and Sawyer will conflict, and one will become MIB and one will become Jacob. Or not. Truly it is all a misguided mystery and we will not know until the end.

What do you believe?

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