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Thinking of time as a record by Christina Willis

When Daniel Faraday was explaining how the island (or they) were travelling through time, he told Sawyer to think of time like a record. Also when Jacob and the man in black were on the beach, they mentioned the fact that more people were coming to the island, and that it always ended the same. Keeping this in mind, I think that the island keeps repeating itself through time, though I am not sure what
outcome it is looking for. It probably wasn't an accident that the season premier this year was on Groundhog's Day.

Some that I have talked to believe that Jacob represents the good of the island and the man in black is the bad...I think it may be the other way around. Jacob has done nothing but use others for his own gain, and the man in black seems to attack those who are trying to harm others.

I also believe that in some weird time loop-y way, Jacob is Aaron, and the man in black is Jack's son, tying the both of them to the island.

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