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I assume we are all familiar with the symbolism of black and white throughout the series: The backgammon game, MIB and Jacob, the Dharma logo, and so on - there are dozens in each season. It seems obvious that Rose and Bernard, a black woman and a white man are symbolic of something...but what?

I submit that Bernard and Rose are (reverse)human forms of Jacob and the MIB, who are observing all of the action but not taking part in it directly. Rose is always passive - she accepts her cancer, convinces Bernard to just live on the island and enjoy life instead of taking part in the various factions and exploits of those around them, she encourages Locke to accept his condition, she knew Bernard was alive in the beginning yet did not search for him. This is the opposite of MIB who actively gets involved with people - even to the point of killing them - he instructs them, he takes over their bodies and is very forceful. Jacob looks out on the water, just as Rose did in the first season as she sat alone and was approached by Jack.

This is in contrast, of course to Bernard who is very controlling, very much a 'problem solver', a type A personality who needs to be doing something (setting up the 'help' signal, the faith healer) instead of letting things take their course.
Bernard is very much like the MIB in that respect. He takes control and shapes things. He is not nuanced, he is impatient and excitable.

Take a leap of faith with me, and imagine for a moment, that some timeless form of Jacob and the MIB have inserted themselves into the realities of the Losties to strictly observe the situations and live through it? There is no way to be certain about how this may tie in to the 6th season, but let's keep that in mind as we watch. Thank you for reading.

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