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Space Ship Island by Tiffanysolost

All I want to throw out there is the island is a space ship. That’s why it can move and has powers. Flock (Lock Monster) wants to go home but because of something his Mother and Brother (Jacob) did in the past they were exiled here. Like their society prefer to do evil things and Jacob and his mother like to do good things. Maybe families are connected life forces with immediate family members and have rules where they are from that exile the whole family. When a certain rule is broken the whole family is exiled. That's why he wanted to kill Jacob and probably arranged for his mother's death. Because they can't kill one another but they can manipulate someone else to do it for them. In order to get off earth and go home he has to rid the island of its inhabitants and get his ship working. Also, Jacob is looking for someone who will protect the ship from influencing the world and stop Flock from returning home.

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