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Sin titulo by Terry O'Blivious

Long time lurker, first theory, may have heard it before from someone else yada yada

Dual meanings are argued about constantly on this site, one being the answer to "what lies in the shadow of the statue". Another one I read recently was regarding the title of the most recent episode "Recon".

At face value the title refers to the recon mission MIB sends Sawyer on. As an astute author (sorry I can't remember who first mentioned it) pointed out, this title may actually be read as "re-con", as it pertains to Sawyer conning Widmore/MIB, or even MIB conning James. Pretty sneeky stuff. Historically, the writers have put a lot of though into the titles, and I think whoever theorized the above point was pretty spot on. That being said...

I think there may just be another one with respect to episode 4 of this season, titled "The Substitute". The Substitute, it would seem, is referencing John Locke's job at the end of the episode, but that seemed too vague a detail to name the entire episode after. On the island we see MIB actively recruit Sawyer with the promise of getting off the island. It seems that both have had poor luck in trying to attain this goal. In a larger sense, we're introduced (formally) to the fact that Jacob needs a "candidate" to replace him. What about MIB? Does he need someone to replace him in order to get off the island? A "substitute" perhaps? James seems to fit the bill nicely, he's in a dismal place, has a history of not being able to get off the island despite his efforts (all other candidates except Jin have left the island, much like Jacob could), and in the most recent episode was touted as "the best liar I've ever met" as per MIB himself.

I think MIB has big plans for Sawyer...

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