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Jack Theory Beatdown :-) by Locke4God

I could be just completely off my rocker, but I just don't get the theories that indicate that Jack waking up in the pilot is in some way Jack, or at least his conciousness, looping back from the end of the show (or perhaps the ALT) into the beginning of the show.

First, let's just consider that Jack has always, and I mean every single second of this show, professed that there was nothing out of the ordinary, certainly nothing spiritual, or time travely going on.

He's never once given us reason to think that he had prior knowledge of events, or knowledge of a different time or reality.

For those who bring up the fact that he was in the jungle and somehow knew which way to run. As a writer myself, it's just a story device as far as I can see. You see, when you write, you have to include elements within the story, just to be sure you have the right pacing. Characters may stop and go swimming or some nonsense, in the effort to give you a more well rounded experience for them, or to add a sense of time to seperate two major events you have going on, which you didn't want running back to back. In this case, they simply didn't want Jack waking up right on the beach in the middle of everything. They wanted a quiet opening, with a bit of mystery right from the start, and moving Jack into the jungle was the way to do that. It has nothing to do with the story, just the way it's presented.

And Lastly, I know some of you think on the surface that sounds like a cool idea, to have Jack be looped back into the Pilot, but I'm concerned you haven't thought it through. My first question to any theory is, So What? And I ask that about this one as well. So What? Does it change anything? I can't see that it does. Does it mean anything significant? Again, Jack never showed one sign of having prior knowledge, so I don't think it would explain anything at all. He would just wake up, and oooooh yeah, he still doesn't know anything.

All I'm saying is that any theory that includes a revelation that large would have to be multi-facted, with impacts to multiple storylines and characters, and this Jack Loops to the Pilot business is so one-demensional in concept that it could be written by a third grader.

There's just nothing there. Cool, YES, but only superficially.

Jack's roll is either going to be of sacrafice or integrated into his father issues. Or both.

I'm not saying this will happen, but a revelation that Christian is alive, is a third party, had been on the island before, had met Jacob & MIB, and had worked his whole life to get Jack to the island, is a much more deep theory. It immediately has ties to a lot of issues. And it makes sense from the standpoint that Jack has never sewn up his daddy issues, and I almost can't imagine that we won't get some sort of Christian Shephard showdown for him that ties into the finale. Maybe.

Or we have an interesting concept developing from Jacob's revelation that Jack will have to find what he has to do for himself. He can tell Hurley to get in a cab, that's easy enough, but what isn't easy to tell somebody. Well it wouldn't be very easy to tell him he's going to have to kill himself. And Jack would deny doing anything if told in advance. It could be highly likely that Jack, with the aid of the core losties will the only one capable of doing something that he'll know will result in his own death. I go back to Christian here, because if only Jack can do it, then it must be something related specifically to him, and well there's a mysterious man who's had no explanation walking around. Could Christian have been Smokey, sure,,, but the rest still works.

Now even in the event that either of the above two pan out, I would still wonder what the point of Jack waking up in the pilot would be. I go back to the question, So What? I'm sorry, I just don't see what that accomplishes in the least, but perhaps you can elaborate. Have at it, and man I can't wait for this week's episode. Should be the best, EVER!!!!

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