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Sayid: Jacob's secret weapon? by Wesmike

This is a short theory supported by two scenes that we have seen, though both have directly to do with Jacob. Let's not forget that Sayid DID NOT want to come back to the island. When presented with that option by Ben and Jack, he leaves the docks and heads to a bar to drown his sorrows in expensive whisky. And who does he meet there? Ilana, who just happens to be working for someone to bring him to the island. And though it is still inconclusive who exactly she is working for at that time, we do know that Jacob asks her for help. So we can make the not-so-far-fetched jump to the conclusion that Ilana is under instructions from Jacob to bring Sayid back to the Island.

Fast forward a bit, past the handcuffs then the shooting of young Ben and the incident and we have a nearly dead Sayid being looked after by Hurley. Then out of the Jungle walks a dead Jacob telling Hurley to save Sayid's life by taking him to the temple. Why Sayid? Why not Juliet, who also happens to be dying at that moment? There is something interesting about this. The enigmatic, seldom-seen Jacob appears TWICE to get Sayid where he needs to be. Coincidence? Come on, this is Lost. There is no coincidence.

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