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Dead then Alive by Barbi

As I was pondering the latest episode, Sundown, I kept wondering why Sayid had been dead a full two hours then suddenly came back to life. I then remembered when something similar happened in Season 2. If someone else has posted something like this, my apologies, in advance.

Do you remember when Eko went to Sydney to investigate the drowning of a young girl that suddenly came back to life as she was getting ready to be embalmed? A priest sent Eko to talk to the girl & see if this was indeed a miracle. I plan on re-watching the episode tonight because I can't remember all the details, but I do remember the girl's father was the psychic who read Claire's palm. He clearly did not want Eko to talk to his daughter, but the daughter wanted to talk to Eko.

That got me thinking about Dogen's son. We don't know all the events surrounding his accident, but I'm wondering if Dogen's son was dead already when Jacob came to ask Dogen to come to the island. Perhaps Dogen's son surprised some medical folks & just sat up, wondering what happened. Dogen sacrificed himself for his son.

Is it possible someone sacrificed themselves for the psychic's daughter? Did Jacob pay a visit to someone who knew & loved her, & willingly sacrificed themselves thereby enabling the daughter to live? If that's the case, did Jacob pay a visit to someone who knows & loves Sayid & offer them a chance to sacrifice themselves to save Sayid? In the ALT timeline, did Sayid's brother get a visit from Jacob? Could he have been ready to make that sacrifice after Sayid saved his hide so long ago when their father wanted Omer to kill the chicken? Perhaps Sayid's path of killing and torturing was to be Omer's path all along. By Omer's sacrifice, the universe has 'course corrected.'

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