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Role reversal by Logic

Why does everyone assume that Jacob is good? For that matter why do people believe that Jacobs’s followers in the Temple are good? If I've learned anything from lost it's take nothing at face value. Jacob tells Dogen to come to the island to save his son, but he'll never see him again. Where have I heard this before? Oh yeah, Ben did this to Juliet, on Jacob's word, sounds like a great guy to me. MIB lives with his tag and seems to be offended by it. Jacob continually lies to and keeps secrets from the people on his side, to achieve his goal. I honestly think Jacob is more manipulative than MIB at this point. I'm just saying it seems the community has painted Jacob, that of a saint and his tactics a far from the conventional "good" side of the spectrum. MIB is actually using Jacob secrecy and trickery to his advantage and I fully expect it to pay off with Richard before the end of the show. If MIB is ! evil incarnate, then I'm scared of what Jacob might be.

Also I didn't see anyone else post this but........What if the cave really is Jacobs?? Maybe the lighthouse belongs to MIB; Jacob did seem to want Jack to break up the mirrors, contrary to what he told Hurley (yet another example of Jacob’s deceit).

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