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The Man in Black Sings the Truth by Jerms

For me, I still can't explain it like I see it but hopefully you understand what I'm trying to say.

What if .... Jacob dying and not the bomb is the reason the island sinks??

Jacob dies in what 2008? 2009? But the "hopeful" replacements were in the 70s. They are what matters - almost 5 1/2 seasons in - Jacob didn't really matter until lately.


Yes - We have a parallel universe going on....or do we? We have our world as we know it in 2004 but with some small changes. These changes are not noticeable for us but as we see with the characters we are following, for the most part their lives played out differently. Oh and the island rest at the bottom of the ocean.

Jacob was not good in every sense - he controlled the island. He was trapped just like The Man in Black. However, he ... he was selfish - he used the island to live the life of a man. The Man in Black didn't want that life. Therefor he found a loop whole. Killed Jacob so he could return to where he came from.

The moment Jacob died we watch the bomb go off. Different timeline yet still coinciding. How could the bomb sink an island???

It's simple - Jacobs death caused a parallel universe - Time became equal. That's the loop whole!!! Killing Jacob wasn't the point. The point is for The Man in Black to go back wherever he came from.

BUT!! How does he get there.........

Again simple..........

He takes everyone whom is alive off of the island which is the only parallel to the world we know. Once he gets them to their destination he accomplished what he sat off to do.

The stories we watch truly have no purpose. Honestly - who really cares what Jacks life would be like if he choose his own destiny? Same with Hurley, Kate, Sawyer etc......

We're not watching what they're life would be like - We're watching what they are going too. The lives they will return to ... well when they return.

I can't say it's their souls....I don't know what they are but what we see during the flash sideways is what the real universe is like.

Jacob was never good or bad. Neither was The Man in Black. They each had an objective. Jacob's was to control the island and keep it as he has been taught. The Man in Black's is to relieve this magical island of everything and return back to his normal life....

It's a game - Chess - Backgammon - etc. White or Black it has no point. Just like race.... MJ said it best - yes I said MJ - It doesn't matter if you're black or white.

There is no parallel world - Just an island that is magical. These characters that we have grown to love have paths that they choose for themselves. Almost none of them were born before the mid - late seventies. Well John Locke was but he still doesn't like to be told what he can't do....

My final summery..

Jacob alive we have one world intact.

Jacob dead equals a split in some sense. But this split is only the island.

The loop whole equals a way to get everyone where they belong ... which is what we know is the flashsideways.

No dark evil - No right wrong .........

Two men trying to beat the other ..........

For so long Jacob controlled everything...the island was his. The world was his.

He dies... The Man in Black aka Smokie finds his loop whole..largely impart thanks to the death of Jacob as him as Locke.

Immediately the island turns from one world to two different worlds in a sense. Except the island is one world and our world is the world.

The Man in Black takes everyone alive to where they belong...............

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