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Proxies by Locke081

I was never a big "believer" of WHH. I wondered if it was always Sayid who went back in time to shoot Little Ben, because they had to push Sayid damned hard to return to the island, and yet if it had "always happened that way", why would they have to push so hard to get Sayid to the island?

And by they, I mean Jacob as well as Eloise and Ben -- it was *Jacob* who did the Sayid pushing, who probably killed Nadia with a car, then let Ben use Sayid as a hitman, then finally when that wasn't enough to get Sayid back to the island, went to Ilana and told her to get Sayid to the island whatever it took. (So much for Jacob's "you have a choice")

So what if Sayid wasn't always Ben's killer?

Moreover, and here's where my theory takes off, what if the boy who got shot by a raving lunatic wasn't always Ben?!

Because we just saw another little boy, possibly a little Jacob, covered in blood from his elbows down, like maybe from an abdominal wound. What if Ben was a proxy for Little Jacob, and Jacob's original "real life" was similar to how Ben Linus' life was "set up":
-- mother killed before he was born
-- evil father (which goes along with Darlton's "daddy issues")
-- brought to island as child
-- found a mysterious group of people he wanted to join just to be away from evil father
-- got shot for no reason he could discern at the time
-- got saved by these mysterious Others, but was "changed"
-- worked both sides until he was an adult, then
-- helped kill off the 'evil side' (his original people/Dharma)

Well, I'm not sure how far it goes into Ben's life, because I'm not sure why Jacob would want to keep repeating history until he "proves" something to MIB. (And if you push it too far, then Widmore is the proxy for MIB!) But at the very least, it would explain why Little Ben was brought to the island... he was to be the proxy for Little Jacob.

And Sayid was picked by Jacob to be the proxy for "boy killer".

Here's a sweet nothing: Kate would have been picked to be the boy's "savior", as it were. She and Sawyer, both displaced from time like Sayid, were the proxies for two people that helped Jacob originally. (Not sure Sawyer's proxy is as necessary here as Kate's, but I included him because he was there.)

IOW, Kate was 'given' Aaron (by the island) to grow attached to kids, so she'd be driven to save Little Ben.

Jack -- proxy for the doctor who for no reason (from Jacob's perspective) would refuse to help the poor boy. IOW, he pretty much had to be an excellent doctor driven to despair so he wouldn't care to save Little Ben.

Just remember how Eloise said that the island used proxies -- replacements for people that were there originally. She felt it was important to make the circumstances as close to the original as possible. And I imagine *that's* why Jacob picks particular people, and pushes their lives in particular ways -- so they can be good proxies for what originally happened to Jacob and MIB on the island.

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