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We have seen a great deal fo discussion correlating jacob to a god like figure and MIB to a lucifer/satan representation with mankind and the losties acting as a source fo an argument. jacob places believes thier free will will lead them to a correct choice and the outcome he believes is correct. MIB doesn't have this faith and beleives they are flawed. If this is accepted as a basic premise, thenthe rest of this theory follows.

Jacob is searching for a candidate to replace him. In essence, he has such faith in his belief of the losties/humanity, that he believes a candidate can be found to take over his "divine" role. As the candidates narrow down and the final battle occurs jacob may win over MIB and a candidate may be annointed to replace him, fulfilling his desires, but this candidates choice will not be the one that jacob had hoped for.

what does this mean? I will explain. The losties are inherently human with the social bond that links them together. they do things for each other. jacob view things on a global scale for an island and can sacrifice individual people "for the cause" As I see the show progress, I think the "winning" candidate will end up becoming Desmond. Desmond's first act will be to reset the timelines and make the island disappear under the ocean long before any of the cast ever arrived...this creates the flash sideways timeline. If you look at the events there (jacks older son, ben linus as a teacher) non of these characters have been on the island. The flash sideways are not "what if the plane never crashed?" They are what if non one ever went to the island because the island was hidden away from everyone long ago.

Basically jacob replacement breaks the cycle... he realizes there is some wisdom in MIB's concept that mankind cant manage this power of the island and he hides it away. Thereby all the losties return to a world without jacobs intervention. Many like sawyer (who are no longer cursed by a letter written with jacobs pen in childhood) have found happier lives.

Why do I think its desmond? three things....1. he pops on the plane almost as a check to see his idea works but then is gone...2. he has done the i will sacrifice myself act before turning the key....3. burying the island is a watery death as an act of sacrifice like charlies which he saw

So jacob defeats MIB and finds a candidate, but this candidate cant act in the purely holistic goal driven way of someone like jacob.. the bond, care, compassion for his friends as well as his doubts about people in general will cause the person to "abdicate the throne" and set his fellow losties free

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