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The Pool Room - White vs Black by The Graphite

I was watching the enhanced version of last week's episode, Sundown, when I was reminded of an odd statement someone said. One of the survivors at the temple referred to something being "in the pool room."

The pool room? This show has numerous references to games. What do you do in the pool room? Play pool, of course. How do you play pool?

Two players, a white ball and a black ball. And a bunch of other balls, each one unique and with a NUMBER assigned to it. Many of those numbered balls get eliminated during the game. Some of them are pushed into hitting other numbered balls, all the time avoiding the real, ultimate enemy (the black ball). The white ball knocks the numbered, colored balls around the green table. The black ball cannot be "killed" until the very end; only then can it be finally defeated. Any attempts before that will still leave the black ball in play on the green table.

Likewise, the white ball, if knocked off the table, will come back and still be able to manipulate the numbered, colored balls on the table.

I know it's not an absolutely perfect analogy for the "war" that is happening on the island, but there are too many similarities for it to be coincidence, in my mind anyway. I just thought the "pool room" reference was a bit odd. Both times I watched the show, the first thing I thought of was ... a room in which you play pool. And, what with all the game references on the show, I don't think it's a coincidence.

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