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Ok, this is my first theory, so be gentle if it is a total disaster.

I came up with this theory after watching "Dr. Linus", here it goes:

What if Jacob and MIB are brothers, born on the island? They are in charge of the island, each one has his own "tasks" and their relationship is organized by rules. For ex: one cannot kill the other. And the rules only exist as both of them exist.
MIB is some kind of "judge" who kills everyone who commites "severe crimes", with the rule that he can only kill those who "deserve" being killed.

From the moment Jacob is dead, the rules alter and MIB can kill anyone simply because they don't choose his side, except for the candidates.

Another thing i thought was: what if one of the rules MIB posted was that women couldn't give birth to children conceived on the island? Furthermore, children conceived and born on the island would be automatic candidates to protect the island, with powers (as Jacob, MIB or Miles). This would mean that MIB would do anything to prevent the "creation" of potential candidates. So, to fight this rule, Jacob would have asked Richard to find out why this happened so that it could be changed. Consequently, they brought Juliet to the island.

At the same time, another way to "fight" MIB's rule would be for Jacob to bring candidates to the island: Jacob meets and touches people off the island, in order to make them come to the island and become their guardions.
In my theory, the most relevant candidates would be Miles, Aaron or Sun's daughter...
I hope you enjoyed it! Tell me what you think..

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