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There has been much discussion stating that the flashsideways is a result of MIB escaping the island.

Playing Devil’s Advocate, I believe that the flashsideways are a result of MIB being contained on the island.

The timeline that we are seeing now might be setting up the MIB’s eventual escape. It might be that our timeline where Oceanic 815 crashes on the island is a timeline that has been tainted with evil, one where MIB is destined to escape.

After Ab Aeterno, it has become increasingly clear that MIB is in fact the “bad guy” as he works to direct humanity towards a sinful path. The characters in the timeline that we have become so familiar with seems to be much worse off than in the flashsideways. This shows that MIB has run rampant.

Alternatively, because the island has sunk, it might mean that in the flash-sideways MIB never even existed.

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