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The nature of the alt timeline by Kmikaze78

I have this theory. I'm really excited about it so it's probably 100% wrong. =)

I think at this point it is becoming apparent (at least to me) that the flash sideways is not the result of Jacks explosion. In fact those 2 things have nothing to do with each other at all. The changes in the alt timeline have proven to be a little bit too extreme. Hurley is lucky, Locke is getting married and has a happy family life. Nadia is married to Sayid's brother and Jack has a son. Plus he doesn't seem to be a drunk anymore. Massive changes.

It is my theory that this timeline is the new reality that has been given to the losties based on their actions on the island. Those members who have done the right thing (aided Jacob) are being rewarded with a new improved life. Jack and Hurley are definitely on Jacobs side and both have an incredibly improved alternate life. Sayid has chosen to help MiB and now has a life where his one true love is married to his brother and where he can not escape a violent lifestyle.

If my theory pans out, then it is safe to say that Jin will end up siding with the MiB. It is obvious that Jin is not having a good time in his new life.

If my theory proves correct it is impossible at this point to figure out the eventually sides of kate sawyer and claire. At this point in the alternate timeline we can not say for sure whether their lives have improved or gotten worse. Since Kate seems to be in roughly the same situation it is possible that she never chooses a side in the struggle between Jacob and MiB. She is neither punished nor rewarded for her on island actions. As far as these characters are concerned it doesn't matter that they are on MiB's side right now. As Jacob said "it only ends once". redemtion for claire might still be in the works.

Which leads us to Locke. He did everything he could to help and protect the island. He is in a happier situation in the alt. If he does in fact get fixed by Jack in a future episode than he will be greatly rewarded off island.

Let me know what you guys think. I'm aiming for genius. =)

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