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I'm becoming more convinced that the island is a doorway between two or more different dimensions. We didn’t see the bomb go off, rather we saw the doorway open, however the losties never see the results because they flashed back to the present. every body else that was still in 1974 probably saw the bomb go off and the doorway open at the same time or one or the other. From that point the doorway would open every 108 minutes. If someone is in the proximity of the doorway they will be able to jump back and forth through different dimensions through their mind.

we have seen this happen with desmond, who is the best example but we have also seen other experience this since desmond open the portal with failsafe key. probably causing it to collapse within itself before causing any real damage because of the station built on top it. We would have seen Juiliet experience these same events if she didn't die.

The reason why we are seeing characters like Ben is because we are seeing an entirely different dimension meaning that a timeline would exist independently from the events that happen in the timeline where Losties are currently at. It is possible that there are an infinite number of universes and possibilities we are just seeing one…

Tie that into the mythology, if the egyptians, or whatever civilization knew about this island and it’s doorway they would find a way to contain it (donkey wheel) and use it for their own will. maybe something happened to the civilization that was guarding the island, perhaps they slid into a dimension where they get wiped out, leaving only jacob and MIB forcing them to time skip, play with and manipulating the world and certain people in it in order to reach the final endgame…whatever that may be.

They are two sides of the same coin working towards the same goal but using different methods based off their own personal beliefs and their travels through different dimensions and time. After a while, i think that jacob trapped MIB on the island because he felt that would be the only way to protect the world. In order achieve this he created a following, almost a religion on the island, creating a following of devoters to protect him while he protected the island even though it may be for his own personal reason rather than the sake of humanity. Which is why he keeps his followers in the dark and with little knowledge of his plans. Jacob wanted to die but he also wanted to find someone to take his place to make sure that MIB would stay confined, therefore he passed his power to the candidates, each of them have to choose to take the role, choose not to, or choose to let MIB free. Only one can become the candidate but they ALL(that are alive anyways) can choose to let MIB! free but it only takes one candidate to keep him confined. I think that Dogen was candidate but perhaps jacob forsaw his death therefore rendering him useless. I Also Believe that Richard was former "recruit" of MIB and was saved by jacob, which would explain his long life. he was chosen by jacob to act as mediator to his servants on the island and to unknowingly groom the "leaders" who were deemed candidate worthy.

I think the ultimate endgame would be the destruction of the island by either destroying the donkey wheel, the volcano, or something else but something that would open the portal completely and cause a catstrofuck through the universe but also finally putting an end to the game that Jacob and MIB have been playing for so long.

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