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This is the first time I share one of my theories here. I hope it will contribute in some way.

Last night at the end of the episode something grabbed my attention. We saw how MiB smashed the bottle, letting the wine pour out of it.

Earlier in the episode we hear how Jacob explains what the island actually is, using the bottle of wine as a metaphore:

"The wine is evil, malevolence, the bottle is containing it, because otherwise it would spread. He explains that the cork represents the Island, holding the darkness where it belongs."

Notice how the camera focuses on the shed wine on the rocks. (possibly implying something)

This got me thinking the following:
Man in Black is looking for a way to escape, without 'removing the cork'. We see how the wine 'escapes' the bottle, without the cork being touched. He will try to do the same thing, strengthening the earlier used metaphore by Jacob.

What I don't know, is how he will try to accomplish this, but I thought Jacob handing the bottle to MiB, had some reason. After he smashed it, this came up to me. Perhaps he will try to look for another loophole, just like he was succesfull finding one to kill Jacob.

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