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Jacob is the dark one by Lapidus4primeminister

I have thought before that Jacob is not the light/white one - as we know it to be. We have seen many references to light and dark and we have been constantly guessing who is right and who is wrong good vs evil.

In my previous posts I stated that there is a creator, destroyer and protector. See link http://theoriesonlost.blogspot.com/2010/03/how-alt-and-main-timeline-are-connected.html

I think that the light vs dark battle between Jacob and MIB is a red herring, the real battle has yet to be shown.

Last night's episode just gave more weight to my arguement. Jacob referred to smokey as "man dressed in black" and Richard (who was absoutely awesome in this episode.....just felt it needed to be said!!) gave him the light stone back. You would assume that the light stone was Jacob's from this exchange - I think you can also read this as Richard giving Smokey back his white stone, one which smokey gave to Richard when he tried to recruit him, this was Jacob's way of saying "Sorry buddy he's been recruited by me, nice try!" Also the conversation between MIB and Jacob at the end of the episode confirms this, Jacob ask MIB if he got his stone and MIB scolded him for gloating. In previous episode "The Substitute" Flocke throws the white stone from the scales into the ocean and tells Sawyer it was a private joke, this could be MIB giving Jacob the 2 fingers and saying "Screw you Jacob I'm not playing your game anymore I'm going home"

Jacob and MIB are both protector's of the island. If MIB leaves the Island Jacob cannot protect the island by himself so needs him to stay. MIB does not believe there is anything to protect so wants to leave and cannot do that unless he has Jacob die. In the mean time Jacob is trying to prove that manind has some redeemable qualities.

Their "crazy" mother has given them the roles to do which is why MIB has referred to her as Crazy as he does not believe there is anything to protect and has left him in his personal hell.

Let me know what you think.

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