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mib + jacob vs higher power by omar84

hey people, my first time so i apologise if anybody has done this theory before

as we all have cum to see, jacob is dead and flocke is recruiting!!!!!! we as viewers are lead to believe that the two are enemies but jacob refers to mib as friend and even helps him (MIB)when be kills jacob by saying "they are coming". I spent last week watching season 34 and 5, i started thinking what if mib and jacob are at war with sum1 else, i thought this when i saw that blonde haired kid appear infront of flocke and sawyer, maybe jacob and flocke have someone to answer to, as we have seen from previous seasons the war between the others and the losties in season 1 and 2. wen ben was portraid as a bad guy like witmore, but they are realy good i believe!!!!, but they always had someone to answer to. so i started thinking why do they have to protect the island if the only people who can find it are chosen to come to the island, there must be someone to answer to!!!! i think we will be introduced to this higher power later on in season 6 i think more closer to the end. l! ike who gave jacob powers to give to people? y was smokey trapped??? who made the rules??? all these questions still unanswered so i think there has to be intoduction of a higher power.

also i think flocke cannot change his form because jacob is dead, we see how wen ben goes to with locke to see the monster after he returns from the island, the monster appears as his daughter, so therefore meaning flocke could shape shift when jacob was alive.

I think sayid will be the saviour, because he did not die and what did jacob tell hurley, sayid has to live, even if he is turning bad now, i believe he is not his self right now, as dogen said there is a scale for everyman!!!! i know dogen and his translator were killed by sayid, but thats when the darkness was playing its part!!!! but the fact of the matter is he is alive and did not die because miles couldnt pick anything up.

witmore is a good guy and not a bad guy as he is portrayed, i dont believe mib will harm witmore because i think mib jacob and witmore are playing on the same team!!!!
i think jack will be the one who takes over from jacob, but i dont know how!!!! also i think desmond has a big part to play in endind because i think he is special!!!!

at the start of season 6 we see the island under water, i believe the way mib can leave the island is by sinking it,once the island has been sank then the losties will be back on the oceanic flight and in the alt timeline. because as jacob says it only ends once

this is my theory, i have been on here since season 6 started and have read most theories, plz comment on my theory

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