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Black Rock in the Jungle by RYBONES

I have read a few theories which include evidence stating that each time the flashes occurred, a new group arrived on the island. Some examples were the flash to the 50s bringing Jughead and the militaryy, 88 when Rousseau's team came to the island, and Locke watching the Nigerian plane crash.

I believe there were 2 flashes that 1) Brought the Black Rock to the Island and 2) Somehow placed it in the middle of the jungle.

We all know this show is famous for showing a scene and giving us a lot to chew on, then eventually returning to the end of this scene to show something significant happening right after it. Examples of this include the scene where the others come out of their houses to watch 815 crash eventually (many episodes later) to pick up the end of this scene and continue with it. This goes the same for the scene with Jack screaming "We have to go back!" to Kate, only later to return to the scene showing Kate slam on the brakes and go in reverse.

I have always had the feeling that this would happen with thee famous scene of Jacob and the MIB sitting on the beach. I believe this will be when we see the Black Rock be displaced into the middle of the jungle. This relates to the flashes that occurred as Sawyer held the rope of the well(1800s, during the Jacob/MIB scene), and the next flash the well was gone(time of the ancient egyptians/statue worshippers).

So here's where I see all this leading.

We will return to the end of the beach scene as MIB gets up and is walking away. The Black Rock was let inside the island's radius by the first flash. As Locke turns the wheel he initiates the final flash which moves the island back to ARE YOU READY ancient times. This is what displaces the Black Rock into the jungle all while bringing its inhabitants as well as Jacob and the MIB back to this time. We figure they are all ageless but they have never put a real number on exactly how long they have been alive.

Jacob then goes to find the Black Rock where he meets Richard, gives him his gift, and together they go and mediate with the ancient peoples to join they're society. MIB decides to wander into the jungle and try to make it on his own.

Maybe MIB had other people (an army) on the island and they came back to this time as well. Or maybe he recruited the rest of the people from the Black Rock and started one.

Anyway, Jacob and Richard now live among these ancient people when suddenly MIB in his smokey form comes and kills all of the people and destroys the statue (on Jacob's cloth there were pictures of the statue fighting the monster). He can not kill Jacob or Richard so they take shelter in the foot of the statue that is left. This leads Jacob to eventually bring a new group to the island and this is how the whole game starts(again?).

I may have trailed off a bit towards the end and this prediction could be proved totally impossible after next week's episode. The fun in this is guessing and speculating about all the details and what they could possibly mean. There is not much time left to do this because once its over, so is the theorizing. Anyway hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading.

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