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LOST supper.... revisited by Peter

Many of us have speculated about the 2 LOST 'last supper' pictures that were released awhile back, but now that we are 1/3 of the way into the final season, I made some interesting observations. While I know a lot of people try to make biblical connections to the last supper picture and have tried to peg certain people to their biblical counterparts within the painting, I think that was sort of a 'watch this/red herring' type of moment to get people psyched about the show when in reality the two 'teams' were given to us right away...we just didn't know it yet.

First, in one of the pictures (the one where everyone is looking at Locke), we see those who have presumably already been 'claimed' by Flocke sitting to his right. For those who haven't looked at the picture in awhile, sitting on Locke's right side are (from closest to Locke) Sawyer, Kate, Sayid, Claire, Richard and Illana. From what we know thus far, 4 of these members have presumably 'joined' Flock's team (although Kate's inclusion is semi-questionable). While it is possible that SOMEHOW Richard has joined, or will join Flocke (presumably after he is promised something like Flocke has done for the others on his team), I find it extremely unlikely that Illana has joined or will join Flocke. However, with that small detail aside, am I the only one who sees all of these people being on Flockes team and the other 7 being on Jack/Jacob's team? The seating (as with absolutely everything in LOST) is undoubtably well crafted and means something, but I cannot think of any poss! ible way that Flock gets Illana to join his team.

Going along with the thought from above, my theory is that, if we pay attention to the photo where Locke is at the center and to his right stands Sawyer and standing to his left is Jack, is it possible that these two are in fact used in the 'end game' in some way as pseudo leaders of their respective sides? We know that the smoke/MiB (don't get me started that they aren't the same people...just go along with it that they are for the purpose of this theory) "just wants to go home" . . . while we have also heard almost these EXACT same lines from Sawyer. Coincidence?

Secondly, when you look at the second picture (the one with all of the actors looking at the camera instead of at Locke), I found it really interesting that the only person to switch sides (presumably from team Flocke to team Jack) was Miles switching sides with Claire. Because I am arbitrarily assigning the photos to a 'first' and 'second', it is hard to say for sure that it isn't the case that Claire moves over to team Flocke, but given the information in the first few episodes it makes more sense to have Claire starting out on team Flocke as my theory allows.

While I know these photos have been out there for some time, after watching 'Sundown' and keeping the popular LOST phrase 'but whose side is anyone really on?' in mind, it made a lot of sense given what we know that Claire, maybe after some event where she finally takes what Kate said seriously (about her actually having the baby...possibly if Kate explains that she is with Claire's mom and Aaron is doing fine, etc) she decides to switch sides. Given the fact that we don't know hardly anything about Miles, it is easy to believe that he could/can/will change sides if the right opportunity presents itself.

Anyway, I encourage you to take a look at both of the pictures again and try to get a feel for what i'm saying. Given the fact that Lindelof and Abrams hinted that the two 'Lost Suppers' contained clues, I think my theory fits and is in fair play. However....suggestions/theories as to how Illana and Richard get on Jack/Jacobs side in the first picture would certainly be appreciated.

I also found it quite odd that in the picture there is one skull below the 'table' on each side, one for each team... adding even more questions to the possible connections of the cave skeletons - --but i'll leave that for someone else to theorize about

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