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Lost Revealed by Secret Lost Guy

Let's stop pretending that the "Lost" writer's actually know what they're writing...They don't... They have been going bit by bit since the beginning. Initially, they wanted to milk the mystery of the show for many many seasons but the network saw that fans weren't going to sit around and take that BULL so they told "Lost" creators to give them a set end story and end date...They did... But that doesn't mean they've stopped making up crap. The unanswered questions of the show will remain as that in the end...You'll see...Of course there will be an attempt to tie up all the loose strings but it will not happen.

By the way..."Lost" writers get a lot of their ideas and fix a lot of their mistakes based on INTERNET THEORIES!!! So if you ever write a theory and "Lost" happens to have a similar story/ending, YOU PROBABLY WROTE IT FOR THEM! They have even admitted that they read a ton of these theories and say some of them are dead on... Gee, I wonder how they could be so accurate? Cause internet "Lost" theorists are the real writers of the show!!!

Good luck "Lost"

P.S. Cloverfield was gay

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