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Lost: A New Hope by Claire's Skull Baby

Just a quickie from someone who wants Locke to come back and have a part in saving the day.

Since the producers are huge Star Wars fans I was thinking that Locke is like Anakin. Anakin obviously becomes the big baddie but Yoda's preminission about him said that he was the one to bring balance to the force and bring down evil but his future was "cloudy" (like smokey). Anakin did turn to the dark side but fufilled the prophecy by bringing down the emperor.

Locke has a similar prophecy. The others, mainly Richard, thought he was a chosen one to lead the others (mainly because of his timetravel). When Richard gave Locke the test, Locke failed (picking the knife, and had a picture of the smoke monster he drew). His future was also cloudy. He is now on the dark side as the MIB. But the others thought he was going to bring balance to the island, like the force.

This theory is a mere hope that Locke will somewhat come back to consciousness and bring down the "evil". But thats just my "hope"

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