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Evil Incarnate by jbritz22

In episode 6x06/Sundown, Dogen reveals to Sayid that Smokey/MIB is "Evil Incarnate". Interesting. I did a quick google search (which turned into about an hour of research) and found this:


It's an article entitled "THE INCARNATION OF EVIL IN MARIKEN VAN NIEUMEGHEN". This is an essay on a dutch play entitled "MARIKEN VAN NIEUMEGHEN". The plotline of the play is as follows {from what I can discern using Google Translate on a variety of different websites): Mariken goes to town with her uncle, the devil is there, and manipulates her to come with him for 7 years, after seven years she returns to her hometown, and there is a play happening in the town square, and after seeing this play she realized she was wrong to go with the devil and asks for God's forgiveness. He sets her free from the devil at a price (see below) and there are TONS of similiarties to Lost within, for instance:

"Moenen (the devil) first makes his appearance to Mariken as she sits, in despair, under a hedge outside the town of Nijmegen, lamenting her "accursed" state and even contemplating suicide."

OK, we see the similarity there between Locke contemplating suicide and Ben coming to stop him, but that's nothing.

It gets really crazy:

"Moenen emphasizes for the benefit of the audience that although his appearance is human, his nature and substance are spiritual, in his case, demonic. He has "disguised" himself as a human being but, unlike Christ, he is unable to take on human nature and shape flawlessly: the devil, it was believed, would always reveal his demonic nature by a flaw in his disguise, whether on his head, his hands or his feet. In Moenen's case he is one-eyed."

We know that Smokey has taken over Locke's body. I'm looking for a flaw but cannot see one, anyone have any ideas on this? There's more:

"In the play Moenen presents himself as a university scholar and offers to teach Mariken the "seven liberal arts" as well as the languages of the world and he offers to make her a woman above all other women, however Moenen admits in the final aside of the scene that his real objective is the damnation of Mariken's soul."

Locke offered Claire the chance to see Aaron again, and he is offering the other Losties similar rewards, tempting them.

Amd, theres more:

"A soliloquy informs the audience that Moenen's intention with Mariken is to draw crowds, sow disunity, and provoke murder, thus bringing many thousands of souls to damnation."

Sounding familiar? One more big HUGE similarity I found between this play and Lost.

After seven years with the devil, Mariken is homesick, and Moenen allows her to return to Nijmegen to see her friends and family. The Play of Masscheroen is being performed in the square as they arrive. It is a souls' judgement play, with actors representing Christ ("God") and Our Lady as well as the devil. In this sense the play-within-the-play is also an "incarnation" of both good and evil. When Mariken see this play, she prays for mercy by God and is saved, but only after she is forced to wear chains around her body and fast till they drop off)

"It's nice to see you out of those chains"

Maybe Richard did something in his past that he needed redemption for, and either Smokey or Jacob (my guess), shackled him up in chains until his "sentence" was over? Hmmm.....

I'm not taking any of these similarities too seriously, however it was fun researching the play and discovering them.

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