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Alright, i'm not sure if this has been brought up, but what if the MIB's overall loophole that he and jacob were talking about was not only that he find a way to kill Jacob, but to use Locke's status as a candidate to escape the island.

My theory is that in order for anybody to leave the island, they must be a candidate. I think guys like Ben, Richard, and anyone else seen off the island left through Jacob, but in order to leave the island without Jacob, you must be a candidate to take over for jacob, which would be the people we saw on the cave wall. Of course this sounds confusing for now but i'll explain.

My theory is that the MIB can't leave the island a long a Jacob is alive, they might be connected or Jacob is simply the leash that keeps the MIB on the island. He might have been given his powers to help with the task of keeping smokie in.

Now, I believe that the island is on a different timeline than that of the real world and that the idea is that the universe is made up of different "strings" of reality and they all differ depending on the choices that we make. I believe that jacob has the ability to move in and out of these realities. This could explain why he randomly shows up sometimes. I believe we saw a bunch of strings with jacob when ben and flocke first entered the statue and this could explain it's symbolism.

This also explains exactly what the wheel is, it is a portal to different universes. When it is turned, it will take the island and put it in a new timeline. So the basic is that when the losties went to 1977, they were in the present, but the timeline was only at 1977 at that time.

I think Jacob is the only one who could use the wheel or those that jacob allowed to leave to do his recruiting. Of course, if jacobs dead, the main authority of the island turns to those who would replace him (the candidates). One of those candidates just so happens to be John Locke, starting to see a pattern.

Of course, MIB knew that Locke was the only one out of the candidates who had enough faith to turn the wheel which is why he chose him. I believe MIB is trying to leave asap because if one of jacobs candidates accepts the job, that leaves a new leash for smokie and his entire plan is ruined.

This all explains why Jack, Kate, Sawyer, etc went back to 2007 after the bomb exploded because they do not belong on that timeline, their realities can't change because they are not on that reality. Blowing up the island would've created a paradox for the losties because they belong on one timeline but would've been destroyed in another. So when the island was destroyed, they automatically came back to 2007 due to laws of physics. Nothing can be destroyed that was not created and in that universe, those specific losties were not created in that universe.

The numbers can also be explained that way, the 4-8-15-16-23-42 is a number combination for THAT reality. it is also part of that realities valzetti equation based off of the decisions made by people in that particular timeline. For other realities, the variables are different because the valzetti equation was made to determine when humanity would destroy itself based off of the past, so if people made different decisions on different realities, the variables would be different, understand?

This also brings me to my main point: Jacob is trying to keep the LOSTIES on the island, not smokie. I believe that Hurley, Jack, Sawyer, Sayid, Locke, and Kwon (probably Jin) all must stay on the island or else humanity will destroy itself. Flocke is trying to get all the losties to leave so that he can finally go home despite humanity eventually destroying itself if he does. In short, just the presence of the candidates in their realities would eventually bring the downfall of humanity. This also explains why Dogen wanted sayid dead.

So ya, there's more to it, but i didn't want to make it too complicated. Hope ya'll enjoyed.

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