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So my thoery is that all these things that the characters are being offered as a reward, they have already come true in the alt timeline. For example Dogen's son is alive in the alt. Jacob told him that he could get his son back if he came to the island but he would never be able to see him again, this is because his son IS alive but in the alt. Dogen was one of the many pieces needed in order for the alt to be created. It seems the same may happen for sayid, he wants to be with Nadia and in the alt it looks likely that thats what will happen.
So its kinda of a catch 22(whey!), you get want you want but you don't get to experience it.

The only thing that could blow the theory is if What ever happend happened comes to play (which we know jacob isnt a fan of). So if all characters you die on the island die in the alt. For example charlie, will he die soon in the ALT because he is SUPPOSE to die?

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