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Locke sideways-timeline by Jason

My theory involves the sideways time-line and the Locke-Smoke Monster character. I noticed in the faculty room when Locke was speaking to Dr. Linus that he seems a bit out of character and made a direct reference to the order of things which is at least a metaphor for what is going on in the other time-line.

I believe that Locke dead in one reality and alive in another may be "claimed" or becoming infected by the MIB in the sideways time-line. I think that it is possible that his method of escape from the island may actually involve the sideways time-line.

I am convinced like most that the sideways time-line is pivotal to the final showdown. I originally thought that the entire thing was a Jacob defense mechanism to resurrect himself. Not sure about that one anymore. Now I think all the machinations of the MIB may have created the sideways time-line.

Not foolproof as with any theory so "shoot your holes" please.

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