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JACOB has a son! by lostie0900

Yes, you've read it.. Jacob has a son..and the sons name is BENJAMIN! yes, so go with me on this..

we know that bens "father" that we've seen in season 3 hated his guts and everything and wasnt a father to him. But we don't know for sure if thats his actual father.. we were given no information on that.. right? Keep in mind he hates him aswell..

So, now we hav jacob... who ben killed. And we were told that Jacob hoped that he was rong about Ben.. Maybe.. just maybe.. jacob gave ben up when he was still in his mothers womb because he knew what would happen in the future... tht ben would be a bad guy... right??????

soo, we also know that bens "daughter" (not really blood. daughter) was killed.. this could be like a .. carma affect.. Bens daughter is killed BECAUSE of BEN and BEN kills his FATHER JACOB because of BEN (himself..) and this is why bens name was crossed out.. even tho he is NOT dead ;) you gettin all this?

so then i think ben is gonan feel all guilty after he finds out that jacob is his dad and he killed him and also his "daughter".

Here is some evidence... other than what i rote above..

religious studies.. Jacob has a son named BENJAMIN (look it up ;)

what do you think??

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