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The Candidate is Lapidus by bigvikesfan

Please rate politely I'm new to this...

I believe that Lapidus is the true candidate for several reasons.

1) Illana is protecting him because she stated "he could be a candidate." As a follower of Jacob it would not be surprising if she truly knows who it is and isn't telling anyone.

2) Like Jack/Kate/Hurley/Sayid/Ben/Desmond/etc. Lapidus was brought back to the island for "unfinished business."

3) Was the runway built for Lapidus to land on it?

4) Lapidus was supposed to be on the plane. This is important because the very first on screen death of LOST was when the pilot was killed by the smoke monster. Could MIB have possibly known that Jacob was bringing a set of "candidates" to the island. He came after Locke/Kate/Jack/Hurley through on island manifestations.

-The smoke monster and Boone came to Locke.
-Christian appeared to Jack.
-The Horse appeared to Kate (and Sawyer).
-"Dave" Appeared to Hurley.

As for Sun/Sayid? I can maybe count Shannon dying as a ploy to send Sayid on a downward spiral to serve MIB. Sun? She thought her husband died... maybe MIB figured she just wouldn't come back... and if she did... he would recruit her?

I digress...

My point being that the candidates were probably being watched by MIB and i think he has been plotting to take all of them down. I believe the ace in the sleeve of Jacob is Lapidus who will be the true candidate. And MIB won't know Lapidus is a candidate because he will think he already killed the pilot.

P.S: Was the pilot supposed to be a main hero/character? I'm not sure... I'll take comments on anything and appreciate all the work everyone does here!


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