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Jack Skywalker by Wallace

I read a while ago a very interesting theory explaining in full how Lost directly parallels Star Wars. It's obvious there are a lot of passing direct references to the show, and even more subtle motifs, such as discovering a long-lost relative (Leia v. Claire), or a brute that only our nice guy criminal can understand (Chewbacca and Han Solo v. Jin and Sawyer). This theory was written by someone who believed that Jacob was evil, and that he ultimately was a parallel to the Emperor. I think it's pretty clear after Sundown that the Smoke Monster, if not evil incarnate, is not a nice guy. We are being lead to believe that Jack is the chosen one, and that he has a task that will change the course of the Island's history forever. While I do acknowledge Jack's overarching importance, I see his role as more of a Luke than Anakin Skywalker. I think that Jack will fully realize his destiny as Man of Faith extraordinaire, ! and will go on to lead the new Others (Jedi), but I think the role of killing Smokie for good will fall on the true chosen one, perhaps the one to whom "Shephard" in the lighthouse was referring: Christian. I think that in a last ditch effort to save his son, the reanimated Christian, who I believe is of a different nature than all the other manifestations of Smokie on Island (perhaps he is just infected), will kill Smokie, and then die: a parallel to Anakin, having fallen to the dark side and become Darth Vader, giving his life to save his son Luke. Lets see what happens.

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