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Here is something I've been mulling over for a few years.

I got the idea a while back that what was happening on the island was actually affecting the flashbacks we were seeing. The "whooshing" sound you hear before a flashback gave me the idea. It just gave me a sense of "cause and effect". Something happens and "whoosh" here is the result.

I know the flashbacks didn't always coincide with what we were watching on island at the time, but if that were the case it would have been obvious from very early in the series. They are cleverly mixed in at different and unrelated points of "on the island" time.

What if the LA X timeline we are watching now is what originally occurred before Jacob's "touching". All of those who Jacob "touched" are originally on flight 815 but have no connection to one another.

This also fits into the "fate versus free will" idea. Jacob represents fate. It is their destiny to be there. He weaves his tapestry and affects their lives without their consent. Destiny is in control, not the individual. MIB represent free will. Jacob had no right to choose these people and alter their realities. They should have been given a choice. Like the choice to leave the island if one so desires.

The LA X flight never was supposed to crash on the island. No "event" caused the crash to happen because it never did.

Because of Jacob's decision that these people are "candidates", at some point he travels to the past and touches them in order to get them onto the island. This alters the LA X timeline at the point in the flight in which the crash occurs.

Due to the unique time properties of the island, as events occur on the island between our Losties, their pasts (the LA X, unaltered timeline) are altered as well. What we've seen in flashbacks since Season 1 is not what led the Losties to the island, the flashbacks are a result of what occurs because they are there.

This would throw a complete wrench into what we've thought we were watching from the start.

LA X is not an altered timeline, it is the original one. The flashbacks are the altered timeline.

Which timeline will emerge as the "winner"?

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