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Ok here is just one idea that I think will play into story overall and I'll tell you who it involves if you promise to keep reading after I say their names.....

Promise.... :)

Ok....Nikki and Paulo....now remember you promised!

Here we go, Nikki and Paulo are important to the story and we see this in episode 6.07 - Dr. Linus. Miles references them when Ben tries to bribe him, why? After all this time why mention their bodies and the diamonds? Neither the diamonds nor their stupid bodies are important, what is important you ask? How they died? Not quite, how they appeared to die is what really matters! Ok, so we all know they were both bitten by Dr. Artz's Medusa spider that paralyzed them both causing them to be buried alive. So how does this all pertain to the main story arc? We all know MIB wants everyone on the island dead, but why? Honestly, I have no idea, but I think a spider bite from a medusa spider will convince him or Jacob a key player is dead leading to a major plot twist. By the way I'm trusting Jacob less every episode, thank you Richard Alpert.

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