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Sorry if someone beat me to it already here, but a few things started making sense to me as I was watching "Dr Linus" this evening.

The key here was when Richard mentioned to Jack:

"Jacob touched me, and when Jacob touches you it's considered a gift." - in reference to him saying why he couldn't kill himself.

Now if you go back to the incident, we learned that Jacob had made contact with the other losties.

Firstly, he met Kate, stopped her from getting in trouble, and touched her on the nose. Then there was Sawyer, who borrowed a pen from Jacob and their hands met VERY subtly.

Next we saw Sayid, who stopped to give Jacob instructions, and SPLAT...Nadia was run down. At this very moment Jacob popped his hand on Sayid's shoulder. We also saw him speaking some very fluent Korean at the Kwon wedding, and as he wished them well, he placed his hands on each of them.

Again with Jack, and the Apollo bar stuck in the vending machine, which Jacob so kindly retreived for him, only to hand it to him, catching his hand in the process.

The most intriguing, and obvious of these is when Locke is pushed out of the window by his dad. Jacob calmly walks over, puts his hand on Locke's shoulder, and tells him everything will be alright. Notably, Locke appears almost lifeless until Jacob touches him. And it's not as subtle as the rest of the encounters.

It could be said that for each of these, the losties, or more importantly, candidates, cannot kill themselves. But we haven't really seen them try. Except for Locke. He had the noose around his neck, he was ready to go, and Ben came bursting in. Sure at the time it seemed like co-incidence, and allowed Ben to then perform the dirty deed, but you must wonder, was THAT the reason Ben arrived in the nick of time? And even if he hadn't....would Locke have been able to hang himself?

When you consider this, with other people's theories about how constants/the MIB/Jacob can't kill each other, and tie it all together, it could make for some very interesting episodes to come!

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