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At several points now we have heard the island referenced by various parties who seem to know something. In last night's episode ("Sundown"), I believe we got something close to confirmation that what the island can do is not merely raise the dead but grant *anything* the wisher wants.

This is a familiar theme from science fiction and related genres, including films like Sphere and Tarkovsky's Stalker, among many others.

When Sayid goes to talk to FLocke, after Dogen has warned Sayid not to let whomever it is talk, FLocke asks Sayid to imagine he could have "anything he ever wanted." Then Sayid mentions Nadia being dead and FLocke says, "even that." I think this is in part a red herring to make us think that resurrection is the island's only trick, despite FLocke specifically saying "everything."

This goes back to the old, weird "Magic Box" episode, where the idea of granting any wish first cropped up.

I think this is very consistent with the rest of what's playing out. Jacob and MIB are both there to protect/prevent/monitor/solicit whoever comes near to the "heart of the island," whatever it is (I suspect we haven't seen or heard about it yet, but it's where FLocke and his group are heading).

This is also consistent with the most mystifying phrase in what MIB said to Jacob on shore--"they corrupt." Humans come, and in trying to use the island's power, they are unable to contain their wishes for the good of humankind (as in the major science fiction versions of the wish-granting item above).

Presumably, a force that grants *any* wish could let Smokey get off the island. But it's fair to assume that "the rules" probably prevent at least Smokey, and probably Jacob too, from using the Island's power. This would mean FLocke is recruting his team not just for a showdown of some sort, but to harness the wishing power of his side to get him off the island (which I think is meant to be as scary as it sounds--as yung23 posted the other day over at LostTV-Forum, "smokey getting off the island IS the Extinction-Level Event": http://www.losttv-forum.com/forum/showthread.php?p=2891569&posted=1#post2891569

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