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Just wondering: Could it be that Jughead does not cause the reset timeline and that the flash sideways reality is caused by something that hasn't yet occured?

Clearly, we are led to believe that the ATL was caused by jughead exploding, but I'm starting to think that whatever caused the island to sink is what caused the reset -- and that MIB/Flocke is involved.

Flocke promises Sayid that he can see Nadia again, even though she died in his arms. could it be that his power to do this is died somehow to a reset of the timeline?

If that's true, Sayid does get to see Nadia again, but it comes at the expense of his brother's life. In this realilty, Claire gets to see Aaron again, but who knows what kind of Faustian bargain that will turn out to be?

Still not sure how this would all play out, or if it holds together, but if Lost has taught us anything over 5+ years, it's not to assume what we're led to believe. Increasingly, I believe the ATL has been caused by something we have not yet seen, and last night's episode led me to think the smoke monster may somehow be involved.

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