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Is Jin Dead? by rmonkman

After/during the Sundown episode I started wondering about Sayid and Claire and their relationship to Flocke and how they went about becoming odd/evil.

I'm going to make the assumption that Claire died during the Keamy attack and she died when the rocket hit her house. However, for a day or so afterwards Claire seemed slightly shaken but normal, it wasn't until 'Christian' came to her in the jungle and she wandered that we saw a distinctively different Claire in the cabin.

After Sayid was shot he left to decay for a couple of hours before Flocke chose to intervene, what I consider important here again is that despite being shook up early on, he seemed like normal, lovable, torturing Sayid until he spoke to Flocke.

My main arguement for this wild assertion is that Flocke needs to interact with the person (Claire, Sayid) for them to come over to his side, to be honest Sayid made a pretty big flip flop into helping FLocke and then sayid pretty happy to be evil.

At the end of Season 4, the freighter went kaboom with Jin on it, a few episodes into Season 5 with a very French (definitely not Serbian) Rousseau we have our dear Jin returned to us and we thought nothing the wiser. What if he did die in the explosion and FLocke 'saved' him after all he apparently saved Claire before Jacob died so why not another? I accept it has been a very long time but we don't really know how this thing works and we haven't seen Jin talking to any magical ghosts ths far so hopefully this theory still holds...

From a pragmatic writing point of view it works for two reasons. Firstly, when Jin and Sun have their reunion it will be much like Desmond and Penny's were as much as I love them their story has somewhat fizzled out and this would be a convenient spanner in the works. Secondly, if offers a potential double agent story or simply someone else to come to Flock's aid because at the moment the team's seem a little onesided, i.e all the castaways vs Flocke, Sayid, Claire, maybe Sawyer and a lot of red shirts.

This is pure speculation and if I'm wrong, I genuinely don't care as there is only one story and that is the one the writer's choose to tell but I thought it was worth sharing!

A final point: who just happens to show up in the final part of Sayid's flash sideways in the episode in which he becomes evil. Mr Jin. Coincidence???? Probably.

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