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Hurley's Jacob == Smokey/Facob by Dean Moriarty

The only Jacob we have seen this season is Hurley's, and Hurley's Jacob has really been Smokey. Smokey doing what smokey does best- pulling the wool over the eyes of the easily persuaded.

Everything 'Facob' has instructed Hurley to do, caused a series of events that ultimately led to Sayid initiating the "Checkmate" of Smokey's control of the island.

//Influence #1
1)Sayid is near death after the jump from 1977. After taking Richard into the woods from the beach, Smokey assumes the now dead Jacob and visits Hurley at the Dharma van. He instructs him on how to "save" Sayid by bringing him to the temple.

This, of course, is really Smokey as Facob, getting Sayid to be reborn in the temple pool. Reborn under his control.

//Influence #2
2)Dogen needs someone to meet with Smokey outside of the temple wall. This person must be a candidate, someone who Smokey can NOT kill.

How convenient that Facob has lured Hurley to take Jack to the lighthouse to bash Jacob's awesome lighthouse. At the temple, Dogen is now left with one option, Sayid, the only remaining candidate. Dogen made a critical mistake, thinking that with proper instruction he may be able to destroy Smokey once and for all by using Sayid. It was a risk, Dogen rolled the dice with Sayid to get to Smokey before he was able to speak, and he lost. As you watch the scene, it is clear Flock gets out a "Hello Sayid..." before Sayid plunges the knife.

Where does this leave us? Well it depends on where you think the show is going. If you believe in the whole good army vs bad army theory, then all we are left with is Ilana as the "white" leader. Jacob is dead and I dont think he will have any interaction on the show from here on other than in true flashbacks (I'll assume Jacob/MIB get a flashback at the end of the season), or in measures he had taken before his death - ie: Ilana.

If you believe that the Smokey/Jacob good vs evil is not truely good vs evil (like we have been led on to believe by some creative writing), then we can just let this all play out.

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