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I'll make this short and sweet since I do not have a whole other than some foreshadowing clues.

In the enhanced version of the Lighthouse, the commentary states that "the candidates" are those who will succeed Jacob as protector of the Island.

In the season 5 finale, Jacob asks the MIB if the MIB would care for something to eat, and the MIB refuses the offer.

In the Lighthouse, Miles and Hurley are playing tic tac toe, when it comes to a tie. Miles asks Hurley if Hurley is hungry, and Hurley says, "I could go for something to eat." This is reminiscent of Jacob, who likes to eat. I don't think we are supposed to interpret the scene as a scene for scene replay of the Jacob/MIB beach scene as that would make things too obvious. It was just a subtle clue that Hurley will be the next Jacob.

Also, it is significant that Hurley was playing tic tac toe. It is a clue that Hurley will have to play a game that will draw again and again for a very long time.

After Hurley says he could go for something to eat, the very next scene Hurley runs into Jacob. This is like the many clues that fake Locke was really the smoke monster. Someone will be wondering where the smoke monster is and then Locke will show up.

If anyone spotted other clues, by all means please post.

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