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Deal Or No Deal by toomuchtime_onmyhands

In episode 6.06 Dogen mentioned a deal he made with Jacob after his son died.
Jacob would let his son live if Dogen agreed to go to the island and never see his son again.
Flocke offered Sayid a deal to bring Nadia back to life.

I think that everyone who we've seen on the LA_X-verse has made a deal with Flocke or even Jacob.
So far we've seen Jack not get so stressed out about things and he's got a son. From photos in his mum's place it looked like he had a good relationship with Christian.
Sayid - Nadia is alive but there must have been a catch, she's now with his brother.
Kate - is helping Claire keep Aaron. Its possible Kate and Claire might stick together from now.
Hurley is the luckiest guy around and no longer cursed.
Sawyer seems at peace with himself, from what we've seen so far, otherwise he may have taken advantage of Hurley.
John is an interesting one. Maybe someone on the island wanted John alive again, Ben perhaps? John has Helen back in his life again and he's happy.
Ben - living out his lifelong dream of being a high school history teacher? Not sure about that yet although I can see him wanting John alive again.
Summing up, it does seem like Flocke or Jacob is holding the deal or no deal briefcases and everyone's a winner!

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