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My theory is based on the concept good vs. evil. By now it's pretty clear that a big theme of LOST is good vs. evil which has been illustrated through the use of black vs. white. Within this concept there is a wide spectrum of grey. I believe that the grey areas consist of a variety of good:evil ratios that exist within each LOST character. The only truly black and white representations come in the form of Jacob (white) and UnLocke (black). After all, UnLocke has been referred to as "evil incarnate." Everyone else is a shade of grey

I have heard Darlton say that they believe both good and evil exist in every individual. To take this concept a step further, I think one thing Lost is trying to show is that the amount of good and evil in each person varies, and how each person responds to the good and evil within them resulting in unique shades of grey. Some characters are going to have "positive" good:evil ratios (meaning the good outweighs the bad) and some characters have "negative" good:evil ratios (making them essentially evil, despite the fact that there is some good in there). It seems like the ratio is variable due to free will, personal experiences and strength of character. I think that those Losties who have positive ratios are siding with Jacob and those with negative ratios are siding with UnLocke.

I believe we have clues about which characters have positive good:evil ratios by seeing who they are/have become and whether or not they've experienced redemption in the flash sideways timeline. For example, I believe Jack has a positive good:evil ratio because he is a better person in the flash sideways than he is in the original timeline. He doesn't drink, he is a better father than his father was (letting go of his daddy issues) and he is generally a lot nicer and calmer--suggesting that in the flash sideways he has experienced some redemption and has somehow developed into a better person. In the flash sideways he has evolved, and his good outweighs his bad. I think his good:evil ratio is something like 80:20. He follows Jacob.

An example of negative good:evil ratio is Sayid. Although he tries so hard to be a good/better person in his flash sideways, he still returns to his "evil" ways of killing people. It's hard to accept that Sayid's good:evil ratio is negative because he tries sooo hard to fight his evil side and do the right thing, but in the end he succumbs to the evil part of him, which outweighs the good. He does not seem to have experienced redemption in the flash sideways (he murders Keamy when he doesn't have to); therefore, he doesn't seem to have evolved into a better person than he was/is in the original timeline. I think his good:evil ratio is around 40:60. He follows UnLocke.

I also believe Kate's overall good:evil ratio is negative. Although like Sayid, she tries to "do the right thing" (by helping Claire), in her flash sideways she is still the same old Kate, running from the law and generally doing things she shouldn't be doing. She doesn't appear to have evolved into a better person in the flash sideways and does not seem to have experienced any form of redemption. I think Kate's good:evil ratio is 30:70. She's currently following UnLocke.

So now we are slowly seeing a set up for dividing into two sides/teams: which Losties are going to be more good than evil and which are going to be more evil than good. The good ones will follow Jacob and the bad ones will follow UnLocke.

I'd love to try to make some predictions on which other Losties will have a positive good:evil ratio and which will be negative, but I think it's tough to do without seeing each character's flash sideways. My guess is that Hurley has a highly positive good:evil ratio (maybe even in the 90:10 range...he is such a nice guy in the flash sideways!) and Jin might have a negative good:evil ratio (he seems like the same jerk he was before the island). I think a good:evil ratio can eventually be assigned to every Lostie which will determine which side they are ultimately on--and this will, in turn, determine how successful they are in their flash sideways lives.

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