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Since Lighthouse I've had my suspicions that the flashsideways timeline is actually what Jacob witnessed in the Lighthouse mirror and from seeing the Losties actions decided wether or not they would be candidates. He then went back and intervened at a point in their lives and "touched" them.

There are plenty of holes in this theory such as the strange "echoes" the losties keep feeling (the mark on Jack's neck etc) but at the very least the flashsideways must be connected to the mirror in the lighthouse.

If you notice in all of the flashsideways to date, aside from Sayid's (that I can remember) there is a lingering shot of the centric character looking at themselves in a mirror and having some sort of epiphany - Jack in the airplane bathroom, Locke in his bathroom, Kate in the garage mirror, Ben's reflection in the microwave and Sun in the hotel mirror. This is too big of a coincidence and an obvious decision on the writers part that is acting as some sort of foreshadowing.

What do you think?

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